Criminal cases can be complex and fact-specific. Hiring a lawyer ensures you present your best defense. Don't delay, contact us to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer today.


Our services include:

  • Impaired Driving and Over 80 mg of Alcohol (in 100 ml of Blood);

  • Dangerous/Careless Driving;

  • Drug & Narcotics Offences;

  • Sexual Assault and Other Sex Charges;

  • Domestic Assault;

  • Theft;

  • White-Collar Crimes (including fraud);

  • Youth Cases; and

  • U.S. Nationals with Ontario charges.

We can help defend your rights if you have been stopped for impaired driving or a related charge in Ontario. We have experience achieving victories for clients who have been charged with these offences by getting the consequences minimized or reduced.

The lifetime cost of one impaired driving conviction is estimated to start at $60,000.00, without including the cost and impact on your life from having a permanent criminal record. Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a consultation.

We are conveniently located downtown Toronto, and are also available to meet virtually by appointment.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer can help:


Criminal Law can be complicated and difficult to navigate.


The courts often contain bottlenecks, rigid deadlines, and procedures that must be followed.


Time is of the essence in a criminal defense case. You need to build your case immediately after being served your papers. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer on retainer is ideal.


Even with evidence piled high against your case, they can present a convincing argument to minimize charges.


Your lawyer can often plea bargain a lighter settlement in exchange for a guilty plea.


Your lawyer can protect you against unfair trials, erroneous filings and help work with you towards a dismissal.


Even if your case is acquitted or dismissed, you can still have it on your record. Your lawyer knows what needs to be done to expunge your charges.