We can help create wills with a view to the minimization of Estate Administration Tax as well as powers of attorney to plan for and deal with the effects of mental incapacity. You want to pass on your wealth, the way you decide, without unnecessary tax consequences for you or your beneficiaries. You also want some control over the medical and health care decisions during your final days. It is essential to have a legal professional assist you in navigating the complicated legal waters of estate planning in Ontario.


At Djonin Law Office P.C., our founding lawyer Grozdana has experience helping clients in the GTA and surrounding areas establish their wills, trusts, financial and health care powers of attorney (POA), living wills and advance health care directives. Call us for a consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. We serve clients throughout the GTA from our downtown Toronto location.

Helping You Protect and Distribute Your Assets


If you are over the age of 18, you should have three documents: Power of Attorney for property, Power of Attorney for personal care, and a Will. These are necessary as you never know when an unfortunate event can lead to incapacitation or death. The preparation of these documents is termed as estate planning. They help in avoiding family disputes and simultaneously give you the chance to express your wishes in advance.


Trust our firm to take you through the estate planning process and help you choose the right options to get beneficial results. Call us today!

Estate Litigation

Reasons to Hire an Estate Lawyer 


They Can Help Avoid a Lengthy and Costly Probate Process


They Will Know the Best Way to Protect Yourself and Your Family


An Estate Planning Lawyer Can Save You Time and Energy, and Will Avoid Common Mistakes


They Will Create an Estate Plan that will Take Care of a Family Member(s) with Special Needs


Estate Planning Lawyers Help You to Reduce Tax Liabilities


Your Estate Attorney Will Update Your Estate Planning Documents Whenever it's Necessary


This Lawyer Will Provide Objectivity


When a dispute arises between family members and estate beneficiaries, we can help clients reach a fair and cost effective resolution. Our services include:

  • Will and Trust disputes;

  • Mental Incapacity matters;

  • Guardianship Applications;

  • Dependent’s Relief Claims;

  • Court Applications to determine questions relating to the Interpretation of Wills or Trusts; and

  • Removing or replacing Trustees, Executors and Powers of Attorney.

Consult us for help with estate litigation, estate accounts, audits, mediation and more. We are conveniently located downtown Toronto, and are also available to meet virtually by appointment.