Planning to buy or sell property? Get help from a knowledgeable lawyer for local and international real estate transactions while buying, selling, or refinancing your property.

Buying or selling a home can be an exciting, stressful and busy time. With so much to do ahead of a move, worrying about all the legal paperwork needed to finalize the purchase or sale of your home is probably the last thing you want to be doing.


Let us assist you in your transaction to make sure your house sale or purchase goes smoothly. Our services include:

  • Purchases, sales and transfers of property;

  • Local and international clients;

  • Mortgages and mortgage refinancing;

  • Residential leasing;

  • Rental properties;

  • Farm properties;

  • Condominium corporation representation; and

  • Property management issues.

As our real estate client, you will be offered complimentary access to our “concierge moving services”, helping to make your move easy and convenient.


We can assist you to transfer all your utilities and home services, update your address and ID cards with Service Ontario, forward your mail, and more.


Call us to discuss your Real Estate Law needs. We are conveniently located downtown Toronto, and are also available to meet virtually by appointment.

Before you buy, your Real Estate Lawyer can advise you on:


Are there any liens or outside claims from unpaid debts for past work? Any outstanding judgments or municipal work orders? Have utilities been paid?


Did the builder have the necessary building permits and work orders for any work done?


Does the property comply with all by-laws? For example, is the fence height legal? Is the parking area allowed by zoning? How will any easements and rights of way effect or limit my use of the property?


Are there any special zoning or other rules or restrictions that apply to this property? For example, is it in a heritage district? Can I put in a clothesline?


Does the property have asbestos, UFFI, lead paint? If yes, what can I do about it?


Is the current owner leaving behind the appliances? The garden shed? The lighting fixtures?


Can I rent out the basement? Can I have a tenant?